An Essay on the History of the Depression in Canada

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It was the end of World War I and he was 3 years old. As a typical teenage boy, Bill focused on food and cars. A lot of foods were becoming packaged and chicken houses were disappearing from backyards. Food was still very cheap. Then came the steamer and high-powered luxury cars Pikes Peak Motor with high-gear capacity.

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A lot of people lived on powdered milk, dried beans, and potatoes. It would be rural America that would suffer the greatest. Unemployed fathers saw children hired for sub-standard wages.

In , 2. Children left school to support their families. The harsh reality of life during the Great Depression is vividly recalled by Travis 12 yrs who found his father behind their Massachusetts house, crying and heartbroken.

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Then we get the sheriff on us, so we move again. Robert recalls their Illinois home without ice for ice boxes or milk delivery, discontinued city water only well water , and a disconnected gas range. Shacks and shanties, Hoovervilles, provided shelter for destitute families. Alice 10 yrs lived far from the tarpaper huts. It made our hearts ache to see how bad off other kids were. This essay will summarize. Canada and The Great Depression of the 's words - 6 pages The Great Depression The depression years of - proved to be the worst, and some of the best years for Canada and Canadians.

It was a time of extreme highs and lows socially, emotionally, and economically. It was a time that Canada came into her own being on the world wide stage.

Decade of the Day: The Great Depression

During the worst depression years in Canada, there were many people who tried tirelessly to get Canada out of the crisis she was in more quickly. Historians writing about the Great Depression, no matter their.

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An outline of Canada during the great depression, and how it was one of canada's most devastating periods of history words - 11 pages bankrupt literally over night, due to the depreciation in material value. Gold Exchange that was adopted in the mid thirties was sometimes criticized as one of the factors that contributed to the length and severity of Canada's Great Depression. The depression had occurred at the worst time possible.

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During the 's Canada was plagued with a nation wide drought. The prairies were especially susceptible to the drought. To add to the problems a. The crashing of the stock markets left most Canadians unemployed and in debt, prairie farmers suffered immensely with the inability to produce valuable crops, and the Canadian Government and World War II became influential factors in the ending of the Great Depression.

The Great Depression words - 5 pages produced huge surplus which drove prices down. Another cause was Canada putting on high tariffs was a factor of the great depression as well but effected many countries because it chocked off international trade, countless countries put high tariffs on goods coming into their country to protect homeland industries which caused trades between nations begin to slow down.

Even credit buying and stock buying was a factor it was quite popular in the Freedman, Russell. Children of the Great Depression. London, England: Harvard University Press, McElvaine, Robert S. The Great Depression. Toronto, Canada: Times Books, Smith, Gerald.

The Great Depression of Canada

Temin, Peter. Norton, Some were left hungry, impoverished, and hopeless, how are adolescents today compared? Events such as the stock market crash, an economy suffering from being inflated, overuse of credit, a farming crisis, and other events led America to the economic downfall known as the Great Depression. During the great. The Great Depression words - 4 pages Two books by different historians paint a largely similar picture of the Great Depression of the s, but have quite different attitudes about this period.

Life for the Average Family During the Great Depression

The Age of Extremes, The Short Twentieth Century - , written by Eric Hobsbawm, who experienced the depression first hand, exaggerates somewhat the social suffering of this period. Whereas Britain in the Depression: Society and Politics - was written by two much younger. The Great Depression words - 7 pages dollars. The stock market fluctuated up and down for a few months before it permanently dropped. This was ten times more than the US federal budget, and more than what we spent in the Great War.

All that money gone in a total of four days.

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Because so many people had there income from these stocks everybody's money was gone. Businesses had no value anymore they had to close down. The Great Depression was under way, it would be one of the the most. Canada In The Great Depression Essay words - 2 pages The whole world was affected tremendously by the great depression, but Canada was one of the hardest hit nations.