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The only solution to the Palestinian problem is If the shoe fits [ words]. Obama and Hadith [56 words]. Only "The Faithful" is a brother! The only correct Path? Forgive me for my hardness! Say what? Eins [18 words].

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Thanks but No to Islam [36 words]. Problems in the Middle East [ words]. Ignorance and Arrogance [ words]. Paradigmatic blindness [75 words]. No Mr. Walters, it's you that's wrong [ words]. Dear George Oh, do you have bias against Obama? Good points, Eins [ words]. See it differently Jaladhi: What difference does it make what religion Obama is. Brown and Colin Powell comments [49 words]. B O still can't seen to find his true stride. Obama will never make a good president : you can' t make a silk purse out of a sow's ear!

Support for democratization or support for strongmen? A voice of reason. Confusing signals sent by President-intern Obama. Political spin? Craiggers [ words]. Dean: I found 5 inaccurate claims in your email.

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The Five So-Called Inaccuracies [ words]. I stand by my words. If Islam believes what is truly written in the Koran, It goes like this. Two tax dodgers picked by Obama? Try four [48 words]. Response to Efroymson [43 words].

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Respect is a two way street!!! Yes, Arlina [39 words]. Arlinda and Don [13 words]. Not Surprising!!! That is false, STS [64 words]. Dear Infidel [8 words]. Elluhim [14 words].

Facts don't matter!!! One BIG difference [67 words]. I will surprise you [ words]. Elohiym - Allah - same meaning [16 words]. Rab al-qamar and our dear samer [83 words]. You DO surprise me, sTs [ words].

Stripes Away Changing Pad

Jesus is no different than other prophets in his message [ words]. Supersede all that came before [50 words]. Samer seems to agree that the Arabs in Palestine must be sent back to al-Hijaz too [72 words]. Jesus preached love and peace and Mo's message was The Arabic word Istislam [ words]. The corrupted Qur'an and more evidence [ words]. It seems that the islamic sources tell us that Allah pryas too but the question is to whom? Eloi is in the Bible [ words].

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Allah - Mo's alterego!! You said it right, Don!!! Our dear Deen Muhammad another victim of Arabian imperialism [74 words]. Allah prays but the real question is: to whom does Allah pray?

change (one's) stripes

Say what, Mr. Jesus also warned us [5 words]. Another tablighee and this time our dear The Earl and more fantasy [ words]. Two kinds of Muslims? Strike the band: Our dear convert discovered Syriac [ words]. Oh and the topos for today is; "technically" [ words]. Our dear Deen Muhammad is lost in translation and the Qur'an says that Allah and his angels pray to Muhammad [ words]. Islamic delusions and our dear deen Muhammad and his imaginary friend the Earl [ words]. Touche [20 words]. Sorry, Charlie.

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Islam and mind control [ words]. Sorry to disappoint you but you are wrong. Our dear Keith needs to stick to urdu [ words]. Oh and the "technically" topos revisited and the Muslim ego [52 words]. Our dear the so called convert discover Syriac part deux [ words]. Another Barry Soetoro-? Our dear Keith and literary topoi and the source behind the source [ words]. Stop already, [ words]. Islam and paganism and our dear the "convert" [ words]. Our dear Abd Allah flunks his class in Arabic grammar and the state of poor education in the arab world [ words].

Muslim fantasies and superstition!! Muslims pray to Muhammad when they say sala allahu 3alyhi wa salam [ words]. Homerule loves him some falsehoods. Islam [52 words]. Our dear Wadood but the Qur'an a book that you cannot read in Arabic says that Allah and his angels pray to Muhammad! For the readers read and enjoy [ words]. Another victim of Arabian imperialism [ words]. Another victim of the imperialism of the Arabs [ words].


Teaching Arabic to one tablighee at a time [ words]. More islamic comedy and self hate [ words]. Teaching Arabic to one tablighee at a time [79 words].