Charlie Tully - Celtics Cheeky Chappie: Celtics Cheeky Chappie

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Michael has been a Celtic fan since childhood and one of his best memories is the first game he attended with his father, John — Celtic v Sporting Lisbon in November He wrote about this for the Celtic Opus and although his father, who had a major stroke in , will never be able to read this piece Michael is comforted by the lessons he was taught back then about how to love Celtic. And about how to love family more. A native of Argyll, he was an award-winning journalist before becoming the Labour Member of Parliament for Cunninghame North in , serving for 18 years. Brian held five Ministerial offices before leaving politics in , when he was invited to join the Celtic board.

He is married with three children and now lives on the Isle of Lewis.

Inducted into the folklore and unique appeal of Celtic by his father at an early age, he has watched the team for close on 55 years. He also checked all Opus text for historical accuracy. Frank Hannaway was born in Viewpark in and has been a life-long supporter of Celtic. This interest has developed over the years and resulted in many hours being spent in the Mitchell Library in Glasgow researching the newspaper archives for more historical details. In the last few years, the work has expanded into researching archived footage of Celtic.

Charlie Tully - Celtics Cheeky Chappie: Celtics Cheeky Chappie

This has involved confirming that footage existed at one time and establishing that it is still held by an existing media company. He has had 40 solo gallery exhibitions — including a major retrospective exhibition of his photographs at Kelvingrove Museum, Glasgow, in — and 13 books of his photographs published. Under contract to LIFE magazine from to , Harry is presently contracted to Vanity Fair magazine, and he photographs for Architectural Digest , Newsweek and many other major magazines. Harry lives in New York with his wife, Gigi, who works with him on his book and exhibition projects.

Their two daughters, Wendy and Tessa, live and work in Los Angeles.

The book, critics said, set a benchmark for work of its type. She also covered the devastating impact of the tsunami in Banda Aceh, Indonesia. Her love of football is in her genes — her grandfather Ted Catlin played for Sheffield Wednesday and England. And the team she supported growing up was Celtic so she enjoyed the opportunity to be a fly on the wall at the marvellous new training centre in Lennoxtown. Adam Elder took a degree in Photographic Arts from to And learned nothing!

He subsequently worked as a photo-printer at Scotland on Sunday newspaper and then joined as a staff photographer, becoming the youngest ever winner of Sports Photographer of the Year in Several other awards for sports photography followed while working at the paper until when he left to run his picture agency, Scottish Viewpoint, which is the largest resource of Scottish- based photography in the world. After a two-year stint at art college, Sydney-based George Fetting worked in newspapers, but after a decade and a half got some sense and has freelanced ever since.

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He specialises in portraits and travel and has won a number of national and international prizes, including the Australian Travel Photographer of the Year award. Aged 16, he got fed up with being punched, but still loved the atmosphere and characters in the boxing world, so he returned to the clubs with a camera and started to take photographs.

Through regular commissions, David further developed as a photographer and was able to quit his full-time employment in and devote all of his time and energy to long-term photographic projects which interest him. After cutting his teeth on a local newspaper in the Home Counties, he moved across the border to work for a small press agency in Scotland. From there a spell of celebrity spotting beckoned as he spent a few years in the South of France with a press agency covering high-profile events such as the Cannes Film Festival and the Monaco Grand Prix. On his return to Scotland, Jeff linked up with former colleague and friend Jim McCann to form SNS Group, which is now the top independent sports and corporate photographic agency in Scotland covering events at home and abroad for a host of media clients and blue-chip companies.

Scott Hunter has an unusual view of life.

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Images are his life. After qualifying as a graphic designer, a lengthy trail of photographing products, mock-ups and the odd stock shot replacement to keep costs down for whatever agency he was with, his love of images was rewarded when he joined O Hub Limited, the digital origination house for Opus Media Group PLC, allowing him to work with some of the best images around.

Scott Hunter shot the oblique views of Celtic Football Club that appear on the chapter title pages and the endpapers. He has worked for numerous magazines, newspapers, design groups and agencies and photographed everything from open-heart surgery to Oscar winners. Richard Legge discovered photography during a trip to Germany at the age of ten to visit his uncle, an art teacher, on an army camp. His uncle showed him his camera, talked the youngster through the basics, and that was that.

After pursuing his interest at school and via a degree at Norwich School of Art, Richard began assisting in London, notably Saul Fletcher, the art photographer. He now does mainly portrait work in the fields of music, acting and sport. Russell Lee was born and brought up in Coleraine, Northern Ireland, where he developed a love of photography in his teens.

He studied photography and film at university before moving to London where he started to work as a music photographer. Picture agency Millennium Images took on his portfolio and his work was subsequently used to illustrate articles and features as well as front covers in New Scientist magazine, and various educational book covers.

Russell has also been commissioned to do shoots for publishers such as Random House and Faber while continuing to have his work published in various magazines such as Time Out and Kerrang! A keen musician, Russell has travelled as far afield as Japan to perform at festivals, and never forgets to take his camera with him. I brought along a couple of bottles of champagne and glasses to get the party started. London-based photographer Chris Nash has been photographing dance professionally for the last 25 years, producing poster and publicity images for a long list of clients from the contemporary and classical dance worlds, as well as fashion and advertising assignments.

He was recently given a prestigious NESTA Dreamtime award, in order to take time out from a busy career to concentrate on more personal projects. Chris has been an ardent follower of football for many years and long ago made the association between moves made on the pitch and those made on the stage.

His project for the Opus has been a great chance to translate that correlation into images, trying to capture that combination of grace and power common to both disciplines.

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Brian Smith, of Boston MA divides his assignments between corporate work and editorial portraits. His work has been published in many of the largest consumer magazines such as Business Week , Forbes , Fortune , Time and Newsweek. He has produced several coffee-table books on American colleges showing the institutions in all aspects of their mission.

When not on assignment, Brian spends his free time in the summer sailing his catboat along the shores of Cape Cod in Massachusetts. At the end of the Sixties, man set foot on the moon and Mrs Sutton-Hibbert gave birth to Jeremy in Scotland, where on his 13th birthday he received the gift of a camera. Fourteen winters on, deciding the Scottish light was too grey and the winters too dark, and wishing to bring colour into his life, he relocated to Tokyo, Japan.

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He is best known for his multi-year project documenting life in a Roma gypsy camp in Romania, but undertakes assignments for many editorial clients, and travels worldwide photographing on expeditions for Greenpeace. Having taken pictures for over 25 years as a hobby, Andrew went back to college in and spent four years studying full time. He became a freelance photographer while he was still a student.

Andrew takes pride in the high quality of his photography, using cutting-edge technology to shoot from all angles, high and low, near and far, to suit the environment and capture the special mood. Geoff Young geoffreyyoung. Marisa Zanotti is filmmaker, choreographer and academic. Her new short Being Norwegian is in post-production. She is a senior lecturer at University of Chichester. Traditional illustration techniques in watercolour or ink remain, for him, the most impassioned and vivacious.

Jilli wants her fabrics to be looked at in contrast to their surroundings and to challenge the viewer to rethink their perceptions of the function of fabric, something she has certainly achieved with her exclusive commissioned work for the Celtic Opus. After gaining a degree in illustration in Dundee, Scottish caricaturist Steven Carroll honed his skills in Majorca as editorial illustrator for two daily newspapers.

Six days a week of deadlines gave him valuable experience which led to four years at The Scotsman in Edinburgh, where his weekly portraits and caricatures of the newsworthy were a popular feature. The Scottish National Portrait Gallery has five of his caricatures of politicians in its permanent collection. Iain Clark is attracting media attention and artistic recognition for his unique portraits of celebrities. The fact that many of these celebrities are also his friends has enabled him to adopt a relaxed and intimate approach.

Such an approach has borne fruit: two of his portraits have gone into the permanent collection of the Scottish National Portrait Gallery.

An Interview with Tom Campbell

It is, however, his passion for people that has led to his recent ascent as a much in-demand portrait artist. There is no better way to capture a true likeness. There are, however, also many limitations.

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  • My use of colour as a means of portraying my subjects is paramount to the way I work. All people have an aura but not everyone is aware of that. When I am working with my subjects I have to be able to pick up on that and translate it into my portraiture.