How to eBay in Real Life 2: International Sales

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I have nearly doubled my eBay sales by buying watchers and visitors for my listings, I can recommend to all ebay merchants as well, more watchers and vistors really helps. For more details just visit watchersup com. So you got duped into bidding for customers, The ultimate reverse perverse selling scam by eBay what has happened to your gross profits??

More than likely you are working harder for eBay, if you knew you are making more you would ahve said so. Why can't I find my listing on e bay? I do a search with "lowest price first" and I see lots of identical dvds which cost more and I do not see my sellers' listing. I do not think all e bay listings have an equal chance of being seen. My item didn't sell for very much, either. More time if keep editing your listings.

Unusual eBay listings

Wait for alteast hrs before your items show up in the search. Thanks so much for this wonderful article.

I have been struggling to start selling on ebay but my items does not sell. I hope this helps. Thanks you for the tips,and I would like to thank everyone else for there input also. I am looking into starting my own ebay sales and all the information I can get from professional ebayer's is greatly appreciated. Some of the recent changes in eBay really favor sellers. Everybody can list 50 items a month without paying a fee, and up to 12 photos are free.

At least in clothing where I usually list. Everyone should be able to make a least a few dollars for the holidays by selling stuff from their own home. Yes, you also have to pay something called a "Final Shipping Fee". The above example only explains the first of the three fees are free for the first 50 postings without a store. T want to thank you for this straight forward information.

It was very helpful. Thank you, Betty. Sadly, not enough people use Craigslist for it to be a worthy competitor for selling certain niche items, otherwise I'd abandon Ebay in a heartbeat.

Amazon, eBay and Beyond: Hello Baby's Cross Border Trade Story

Have you tried OnlineAuction? It has reasonable rates and has been around for quite some time now. What does the buyer want?!?! Im not a seller on ebay. I buy a lot for my business and there is criteria that i look for that is important to me. Learn how to sell on eBay We will give you excellent tips and tools that you need to sell on eBay Get an overview of what to sell on eBay and be trained to avoid any potential dropship on eBay problems with these tips.

I don't know why i always hesitated to buy from ebay.

Why You Should Never Start an Ebay Store

I prefer Flipkart - an Indian e-commerce website which uses cash on delivery. Of course, she promptly have me do the tech work, but that's cool! Small price to pay for the wonderful Joan. Don't just look at the overall feedback rating because they can be deceptive. Read the actual feedbacks themselves.

Ebay Australia won’t help as a member sends rape threats and obscenities

From my years of being active on eBay, I learned that Feedback rating needs to be taken with a pound of salt. When one actually reads the individual feedback statements, one find that the majority of the positive feedbacks are of the "XYZ is a great eBayer" whatever that means. Negative feedback is actively discouraged, especially when posted against the Power Sellers.

I had a few transactions where the item s I purchased were not as represented by the seller much worse condition then in the ad, not the item in the ad, knock off copies instead of originals, etc.

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  3. Sellers pay the price as eBay fails to deliver on its promises?

When I try to resolve the issues with the sellers amicably through email, I was basically told "Caveat Emptor". When I then posted negative feedback detailing the problems, I was attacked for picking on the seller, not knowing what I was doing, being a PITA, being a "bad eBayer".

How to make money on eBay in 37 minutes

I also received official emails from eBay telling me not to try to ruin someone's eBay reputation. A time or two I was actually told point blank by eBay not to post negative feedbacks; if I couldn't say anything positive, I should not say anything at all. Hmm, I didn't know that. I know power sellers, much like the Chinese Alibaba companies, can be really hurt by bad ratings that they encourage you to sort out the problem first by communicating any issues, but never heard of eBayer actually getting involved.

Then again, I've never had problem with fake products either, so I've probably just been lucky. Sellers need to put relevant keywords in the title so that buyers can find their items. Some countries, like Argentina, have strict foreign exchange controls that make it impossible to get your money back at an acceptable exchange rate.

You can save a few percent of your sales, which is well worth doing. TradeMe is the dominant marketplace in New Zealand.

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  • The site itself is almost a cross between Gumtree and eBay. We went through UKTI to get set up and it was done quickly. TradeMe are looking for international sellers so they make it quite easy for you. We use a Magento plug-in called mVentory and it feeds into Volo from there for order processing.

    Top 5 eBay Buyer Scams & How to Avoid Them - eBay Advice Part 1

    In terms of seller performance metrics, TradeMe has a fairly basic feedback score system. Cdiscount uses a catalogue system like Amazon. We started off using their catalogue then added extra products that we sell elsewhere, but were not in their system. The site is quite basic but we get good sales on it.


    It was easy to get registered, and they handle all the payments like Amazon. With Cdiscount, you can only refund the whole order and not part of the order, which is a little annoying. Creating inventory is a bit tricky on Cdiscount. A lot of our SKUs include hashes, so that can be a problem. Like TradeMe, we use a Magento plug-in to pick up the orders for processing. We have been doing well on Bol. The problems came from their seller performance metrics. Bol are like Amazon on steroids when it comes to metrics.