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Pretend play is a normal part of child development. Most children pick up dolls, talk to them, and play with them. Children with sign language use signs instead of talking. Provide opportunities for the child to pretend play. Provide materials, time and space for a child to practice communication skills with dolls and imaginary friends. If the child is not doing it on their own, you may need to model it and involve the child till he or she learns.

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In the classroom, children who are deaf should also be given some responsibilities. Responsibilities can be as simple as making sure the board is clean before they leave, or opening the windows in the morning. These responsibilities help the child feel important and valued and helps build up their confidence to work independently. Story time is a great way to develop literacy skills in children who are deaf. Activities should use short stories with pictures and few words per page.

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    President for a Day Students pretend they are president for a day. Review Game This review game can be adapted to any subject, any grade. Basketball for Better Verse Students write poems about basketball. Share a read-aloud story and a fun art project to teach cold-season manners.

    Four Corner Debate The "four corner" debate strategy gets kids thinking and moving. Learn about states whose names have Native American origins. Fun With Calendars This lesson combines algebra and fun with calendars. The Dictionary Game A fun activity for building students vocabulary.

    Comparing Countries Graphic organizer helps compare, contrast countries. Synonyms in the News Use synonyms to rewrite news headlines and articles.


    Multiplication Bee Stage a "Multiplication Bee. There Are Algae in Your House! Youll be amazed at the foods you eat that contain algae! Where in the World Is That Volcano?

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    Use tiny pieces of state maps as clues to figuring out the state. True or False? Students complete a tutorial on Web literacy and identify Web hoaxes.