Light Riders and the Fleur-de-lis Murder

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You are withdrawn. Alternatively, the dream may mean that you are feeling the pressure of those around you. Consider the phrase of "living in a fishbowl". You feel that you are being judged, criticized and scrutinized. To see a fisherman in your dream suggests that you are trying to catch or look for something in your waking life.

Perhaps you are looking for an answer to a problem or decision. To see fishhooks in your dream refer to an idea or concept that you need to grasp. The dream may also indicate that you are getting hooked on something or being hooked in. You may be deceived into doing or believing something.

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To dream that you have fishhooks embedded into your scalp refers to your past relationships. You have yet to get over the relationship or you have yet to learn from the relationship. Alternatively, the dream implies that someone in your past still has a strong influence on your mind and the decisions you are making. To dream that you are fishing indicates that you are confronting and bringing your repressed emotions to the surface. In particular, to dream that you are ice fishing suggests that you are breaking through a hardened emotional barrier and confronting difficult feelings from your subconscious.

Alternatively, it represents your need for leisure and relaxation. Consider the common phrase "fishing for compliments".

Perhaps you are looking for attention. Fishing Rod. To see a fishing rod in your dream represents your quest and exploration of your subconscious mind. You are ready to confront issues and emotions which you have suppressed. To see a fishnet in your dream indicates a fear of being found out or caught in the act.

The Raven Age - Fleur de lis (Alternate Version)

Fishnet Stockings. To see or wear fishnet stockings in your dream symbolizes sexiness, lust, and allure. The dream may be telling you that you need to be more daring. To see a fishpond in your dream represents subconscious material that is slowly revealing itself.

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Alternatively, it symbolizes feelings that you need to contain and keep in check. To see a fist in your dream symbolizes anger, power and aggression. It is also indicative of your readiness to fight and defend yourself. Fitting Room.

Light Riders and the Fleur-de-lis Murder

To dream that you are fixing something indicates that you need to reevaluate and rethink a situation or relationship in your life. It may also bring about feelings of patriotism and duty to country. Or the dream is highlighting some political issue. If you see a flag of another nation, then it represents worldly issues. To wave a flag in your dream symbolizes a warning or distress signal of sorts. An issue may be weighing on your mind. In particular, a white flag indicates surrender. You are giving up.

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Seeing a red flag suggests your mercilessness and danger. The dream may be telling you to stop something that you are doing. To see a checkered flag in your dream represents success and completion. To see a flag at half mast in your dream indicates that you are mourning. You are unable to let go of the past. To see a flagpole in your dream represents a sense of stability in your life.

You may find that those around you are ready to support in your whatever you do or decide. To see a flame in your dream symbolizes purification. The dream may also be a metaphor for "flaming" or some heated online argument or personal attack.

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Flaming also refers to someone who is overtly gay or an old flame could refer to someone from your past who you had a crush on or who you were in love with. To dream that you are fighting flames implies that you will need to invest your best efforts and energy in your road to success and wealth. To dream that you are dancing the flamenco represents passion and enthusiasm for life. To see a flamingo in your dream represents you sense of community and cooperation. It also indicates new experiences or situations. Alternatively, you may be overly concerned with your physical appearance.

To see or wear flannel in your dream represents comfort, relaxation and warmth. The dream could be telling you that you are in a comfortable place in your life. Consider the color or the type of flannel item for additional significance. Flare Gun. To see or use a flare gun in your dream indicates a situation or relationship that is in desperate need of your attention. To see a flasher in your dream suggests that you are experiencing frustrations in your sex life.

You are denying your sexual urges and needs.

see url To see a flashlight in your dream suggests that you are questioning certain issues about yourself. It symbolizes sudden awareness, insight, and the ability to find your way in a situation. Alternatively, the flashlight may imply sexual activities. To see a flashmob in your dream symbolizes unity and cooperation. Consider the significance of what the flashmob is doing. Alternatively, the dream implies that you need to coordinate some mass movement.

To dream that you are part of a flashmob represents your need to belong. To taste or dream of different flavors in your dream suggests that you need to have more variety in your life. Consider the significance of the specific flavors i. To see flax in your dream signifies prosperity.

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Flea Market. To dream that you are at a flea market suggests that you are feeling undervalued or under-appreciated. You are selling yourself short.