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In a separate tweet, Parveen Kaswan touched upon theories of "ancient elephant cemeteries" in the forest. But I have not found any conclusive evidence. Though in most cases, elephants prefer to die near water bodies," he said.

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There are theories which talk about ancient elephant cemeteries in forest. Many people have written about it, including strecy. Though in most cases elephants prefer to die near water bodies.

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While the exact location of the funeral procession was not immediately known, the video generated a lot of interest on the Internet. There is a lot that humans can learn from animals," one of them said. Another cited the video to say that such footage is important to remind people how "truly remarkable" the animal kingdom is.

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According to the Smithsonian Magazine , there have been several instances of animals of various kinds grieving for their dead. Last year, a grieving orca whale made headlines by carrying the corpose of her dead calf for over two weeks on "a tour of grief" before finally giving it up to the depths of the Pacific Ocean. In another case, a group of captive chimpanzees held a simian version of a wake after an elderly member died, checking her body for signs of life and cleaning bits of straw from her fur.

For many days afterwards, they refused to pass by the spot where she died.

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Moooving Ahead of the Corporate Herd

Watch: Elephant Herd Takes Out "Funeral Procession" For Dead Calf Many social media users expressed amazement over the capacity of elephants to comprehend complex emotions such as grief. Team or Enterprise.

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