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The timeline and complexity would further be affected if the MES was to be deployed in more than one site. For global manufacturers, this view of MES deployment becomes a major hurdle. However, based on the scenario presented above, the manufacturer with 50 plants is looking at a rough timeline of 25 years at a minimum, till all the plants can be on the same MES. The issue here is that by the time deployment ends for the last plant, the technology would have drastically transformed and the very purpose of having the most modern software technology to manage the manufacturing process would be defeated.

How should multi-site deployments of the MES for global manufacturers be handled then? Modern MES applications are now being developed using agile software development methodologies. We recently had an article describing the way in which agile MES deployment trumps the traditional methods of MES development. Agile software development techniques rely on developing and deploying the application simultaneously, increasing functional coverage of the application in a phased, incremental manner.

They are a game changer when it comes to multi-site MES deployment as they are very iterative in nature and provide workable software for users rather than just paper based plans of how the application would be once it is designed and deployed.

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First an organization with say 50 or so manufacturing units globally, should decide that they require an MES application which should be used to control and execute production process for all their sites, and be integrated with the global ERP system. Once the need is established and key deliverables are highlighted to the MES development team, the agile development methods can kick in. Ideally the development would kick off at one location.

Very good read. It kept me interested to the very end!!! I recommend to anyone wanting a good book to read. Jan 23, Tasha rated it really liked it. This is one of those books you keep reading because you CAN'T put it down. This author definitely pulls readers in as the various personalities join in, creating chaos and confusion. Each character has a distinct and recognizable personality, something that makes this story very good.

As Moneca and Fred are battling the lives they've had to endure as a result of Rex's slickster ways, life unfolds around them. The revelation is less than what's expected, though, and readers are taken for a r Wow! The revelation is less than what's expected, though, and readers are taken for a ride as Oneca, Ocean, and other characters are brought into the picture. Dr Green does his best to sort it all out, but the question is, does HE even have it all figured out? Jan 19, Iamshawnda Hamilton rated it really liked it.

Where do I start this story was well developed as well as the personalities that were going on The Author had me talking to the book trying to figure out what the heck was going,and who was who. There was so many secrets twist and turns that was in the book. Moneca,Oncea,and Ocean characters that keep you on the edge of your seat The supporting characters was well developed and play their role great to make sure the story flowed,and also nothing was exposed until it was tim Wow!

The supporting characters was well developed and play their role great to make sure the story flowed,and also nothing was exposed until it was time to be revealed. The reason for the four stars was their were some grammatical errors but overall great story,and a must read.. On to part two Jan 22, Michelle Rawls added it. When their is more than one! This was one hell of a story.

I enjoyed this book immensely. Moneca and Oneca both had a traumatic childhood. They went through what no child should ever have to endure.

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However, Sasha Wright did a wonderful job of making the story interesting and informative without losing it's excitement. I truly enjoyed this story and all of it's twist and turns. I look forward to the next great read from this author. Happy Reading, Michelle Rawls When their is more than one! Jan 18, Selina Johnson rated it it was amazing. Out of this world This book is a mind blowing page Turner. Some things just seem unreal and was a little confusing because of one of the characters.

But, after reading further, it became more evident. I loved this book and fishers a light on mental illness, it's genetic involvement and how life can be so devastating that one changes. All I can say is wow!!! This book, this book, this book!!! It was completely amazing. I enjoyed all of the characters and their issues.

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Just when I thought I had it figured out, nope try again!! Sasha Wright, you are a very gifted author. If I could I'd give 7 stars.

It has definitely earned a spot in my favorites book shelf!! Jan 20, Cre rated it really liked it. This is my first book I read from this author.

I have never heard of mother and daughter having the same identity. That's the part that threw me for a loop. The book was truly action pact, but unrealistic at the same time. There were some errors, but it didn't take away from the story line. Don't know if and when I will read part 2. May 10, Yolanda Knight- Palmer rated it really liked it.

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This book was a good read Moneca knew that she had issues going in with her, but man did she have a few that needed to be tamed esp. It would have been a 5 star but there are a few editing issues. May 11, Michelle Bass rated it liked it. This book was so twisted. To much going on for me. Moneca fell in love with the wrong man at a young age. And from that it was twisted. With the younger ones, instead of giving the students pre-cut triangles, hand out a sheet of paper pre-drawn into triangular fourths. Have the students share their artworks in pairs, or in small groups. They should go through each triangle, explaining what is happening in each section.

Ask the students to give their artwork a title. An optional wrap-up is that the students are to write down a description for each triangle section. They then use those as a starting point to write a story, or an autobiography. Knox Foundation, Inc. Additional support for educational components of this exhibition has been provided by a grant from the Community Foundation for Greater Buffalo. Featured Work. Lesson Objectives. Background Information for Teachers.

Vocabulary for Students. Artmaking Activity. Give students four pieces of paper pre-cut into triangular fourths or have them cut out the shapes themselves. With either crayons or oil pastels, have the students draw themselves doing a different activity that is meaningful to them on each paper.

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Examples can include a sport, drawing, playing a game, spending time with a significant person mom, dad, sibling , etc.