One: Essential Writings on Nonduality

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Latter Day Buddhism. Books, video, audio, and podcasts related to Advaitism. The Movie - Trailer Version 3 on YouTube July 31, The best and easiest to understand Non-Duality book that gets right to the core of the issue, even right with the title and subtitle of the book!

Jerry Katz

Balsekar: Acceptance of What Is And access to this underlying ocean of peace, of oneness, is available to all of us, right here, right now. The main message is a wonderful and very relaxing one: we do not need to search for our true being I enjoyed the relaxed feeling of this book: the Advaita message has no 'must', no 'for sure', no 'never' and no 'always' It's a clear invitation to openly embrace your humanity in the light of who you really are Roy Whenary has made a long and exhaustive exploration into the nature of truth and one's own identity as a human being.

This book reveals the essence of his search and realization, offers us the fruits of his enquiry and points us towards an understanding which will lead us to the non- dual state. Roy is a poet and his precise use of language is a model of clarity. The Texture of Being is recommended for those becoming familiar with self- inquiry and the literature of nonduality.

Whenary speaks as a knowing, trusted friend or guide.

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Language: English. Brand new Book. This is the first book on nonduality intended for a mainstream audience. Nonduality means not two or One without a second. That One has many names-God, consciousness, truth, the Self-and the writings in this collection turn the reader toward this nondual reality.

Tibetan Buddhism and Non-Duality by James Low

This is done through the practice of inquiry, in which questions about the source of one's action or thought lead one to see the fact of non-separation, and through expressions of nonduality in art, music, scriptures, and diverse areas of ordinary life. In gaining an understanding of the nondual nature of life, one can live with greater integrity and joy, because the truth of existence is seen and lived. Often called Advaita in the East, nonduality describes the singular wholeness of existence that suggests that the personal self is an illusion.

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Nonduality is the basis of much of ancient Eastern thought, and there is a growing interest in it among Western spiritual seekers. The book covers religious and cultural expressions of nonduality, nondual spiritual practices, and the philosophical underpinnings of the nondual perspective.

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It's a sourcebook for understanding this profound perspective and how it relates to our lives. One conveys what nonduality itself is, in a nonacademic style that draws heavily on modern, popular writing on the subject.

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