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The answer is so simple that people disregard it or don't even take the time to consider what it really means. Here's the not-so-secret solution to all your problems: just be here now.

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Have you rolled your eyes yet and dismissed my message? If you're doing either of those things, stop thinking about what my words mean and just read my words.

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Some call it mindfulness, or presence of mind. Think about the last time you truly felt happy. What were you doing? Were you daydreaming about the future? Were you reminiscing about the past? As a species, we evolved to use the past as a reference to estimate the future and try to improve our chance of survival. The problem is that our minds have evolved too quickly for our bodies to catch up. Instead of our survival being at stake, it's usually our happiness. Both are simply early indicators that something might not be completely aligned with what makes you happy.

However, these recommendations can sometimes be erroneous, so they need to be reviewed. All emotions have the same cause: thought. Even when you're just thinking about pain, that pain is still very real to you. What I mean is that the direction and content of your thoughts are what trigger your emotions, and then those emotions cause your behaviours. If you're feeling negative, it's always because you're thinking about the future or the past. But this is just conjecture. It might not happen. Mindfulness can take you out of that negative state, because you're focusing on facts , not guesses.

It means to possess the qualities of a child. Notice how children between the ages of 1 and 3 experience life. They react to everything as it happens. When they play, they throw themselves into it without hesitation or remorse.

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When they cry, they express their pain genuinely, without fear of judgement. And no matter what triggered their emotional or physical discomfort, the moment it passes they instantly revert back to their default settings: happiness and authenticity. And you can choose to experience it again. You also embrace whatever comes with an open mind and an open heart, without judging its intention or purpose.

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Go for a walk and notice the input of your senses in this way. The sound of a bird chirping is not better than the sound of a car honking.

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They both simply are what they are. Accept that truth. Take in the smells, the sights, the sounds and the feelings of being wherever you are. If you speak with someone, actively listen to them. Try to focus on the sound of their voice. Pay attention to how you feel during the conversation. Just notice it and then move on to the next thing you notice. This exercise is about appreciating life exactly as it is. This can be done anytime, anywhere. Is it hot?

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Is it cold? Just notice what temperature it is. The main reason we enjoy these things in the first place is that we become absorbed by them quickly and effortlessly. Heron Kane, Pennsylvania. In their upcoming second full-length record, Heron has crafted a seamless musical narrative. Leaving behind the sweeping instrumental ballads of their debut, and clawing their way into a sound that is at once dark, visceral, spacious and lovely. Streaming and Download help. If you like Heron, you may also like:.

I was painting a condolence card for a good friend who lost her father lately. Youtube randomly showed this album in the recommendations and it fit perfectly to get in the right mood to paint. A wonderful piece of music that doesn't need a word to convey the emotion. There Is No Stillness by Glories.

A very strong post rock record to add to your catalogue! Garrett Lucash. Mitau by Audrey Fall. This is rare to find!! Wonderful work guys!! Impossible not to love every track. Universalis by Hammock. On the second installment of a planned trilogy, Hammock begin to move from darkness into the light. Bandcamp Album of the Day Dec 17, The proceeds of this extensive compilation of punk and rock go towards the healthcare costs of beloved musician Dan Wild-Beesley.

Massive crashing guitars are the signature of this Belfast mostly instrumental project that toes the line between alternative and emo.

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Explore music. You Are Here Now by Heron. Stvannyr of Realm of Wolves. Stvannyr of Realm of Wolves Thank you for this classic album, guys! Favorite track: Stillness. Andrew MacKay. Andrew MacKay Update.

Not only my favourite release of , but quite possibly one of the best things I have heard in over 35 years of buying music. Astonishingly good from beginning to end. Favorite track: Drop. Jean-Rene Sylvestre. Joe Avina. Chris Pace. Chanta Darra Chuong. Foofer Edwards. Lance Turner.