Swallow The Happy Pill: The Secrets to True Happiness

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Apparently, they have a little contented smile on their face like this. It's my job to be the locksmith. About Kenneth Benjamin " Your happiness is locked within.

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Exactly how to be happy Our novel science-based method A useful definition of happiness Secrets that build confidence Your unique path to happiness Keys to live life to the fullest. Related Articles. Recent Articles Happiness Pills? Looking for Something? Be the first to ask a question about Swallow the Happy Pill. Lists with This Book. This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Community Reviews. Showing Rating details. Sort order. Dec 12, Kassie rated it liked it. I mainly just liked the way he talked.

Or, whoever the narrator was. I did not get how he starts it off talking about how he is just gonna touch on religion in the beginning and then goes on to pretty much talk about God and religion the whole time. And the ego. I dunno, I didn't really get it. Some good points were made, but I do not feel any happier.. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. About Craig Beck. In summary I believe that the perceptions of individuals create their lives. Remember your beliefs are your reality.

Depression, the secret we share - Andrew Solomon

It does work. We are creators of our own destinies. They are all authors or motivational speakers. Once I told them that they said they had to go. Supposedly if you do good things,good things will return you ten fold right? Theyare just like these tele-evangelists that prey on the old and sick.

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They just prey on the poor and people ready to give up or believe any quack that comes along. They also credit the Emerald Tablets of Thoth the Atlantean. If you google this you will find it. It talks about traveling through space and devils and spaceships buried beneath the spinx and all kinds of crazy stuff.

If you pray for it and you are worthy of it maybe you will get it. On a positive note,I believe that positive thinking can change your life tremendously. We might not all drive fancy cars or live in mansions,but we would be positive and happy. Thanks, Alexander! This makes you analyze the situation better, take more action and recognize more opportunities.

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  • So every abused child and every person with cancer was asking for it? I think teaching people that all they have to do is WISH is unconstructive.

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    As with anything in life , advice opinions. Take it with a grain of salt and consider the source. Christians would call it bringing in the sheep. I just came by this page when searching for google about The Secret, so this is the first time I visit your website. I have seen the movie and it made me really excited about all these stuff about The Law of Attraction. They gave an example about a man who chose after watching the film to simply try it his way, and this is what they say:. He created particular markings on the feather so he would know without any doubt that if he saw this feather, it had come to him through his interntional use of the law of attraction.

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    Two days later, he was about to walk into a high-rise building on a street in New York City. He said he did not know why, but he just happened to look down. There at his feet, at the entrance to a high-rise building in New York City, was the feather! Not just any feather, but the exact feather he had imagined. It was identical to the picture he had created in his mind, with all of its unique markings. In that moment he knew, without a shred of doubt, that this was the law of attraction working in all its glory.

    He realized his amazing ability and power to attract something to himself through the power of his mind. With total faith, he has now moved onto creating much bigger things. Agree with Alex, however, the Secret is surely more arousing to certain people than a quantum physics lecture. I am not an expert or anything on the Law of Attraction or the movie itself.

    It is hard to tell someone who knows only numbers 1 and 2 that 3,4,5,6, etc exist.

    Guess what?

    I totally believe it doesnt matter who you are when you hear IT you know IT is. Esther Hicks. Science is nothing more but the child of Philosophy. Instead look within you where it really matters and ask yourself if you think you can fully know or explain away something so huge as the LoA. What about Bill Gates, he already gave billions to charity and when he dies billions more will go to charity.

    I watched The Secret last night. As uplifting and positive as it may be, I did find it very superficial and materialistic. Being a needy and greedy race of creatures, I think many of us are initially tempted into believing in this idea anyway. If the LoA works as well as the film suggests, they could have interviewed an abundance of real people with real stories instead of a small selection of authors and philosophers who want your money.

    I red the whole discussion and found it very very fascinating because I have given LOTS of thought to this topic through the last two years. I was introduced to the Law of Attraction through a person who teaches it since 30 years and writes books as well as motnhly topics on the internet about it since 10 years.

    I found this person through the internet and basically spend he time since working with the techniques and discovering a lot about the way I am thinking and functioning. I definitely agree with Alexanders view on the Law as well as on the movie The Secret. I grew up in a very Scientistic family and was brought up in an atheistic way. So, to question everything was a basic tool I used on every new information I would get before considering it as true. I dont believe the LofA would give me wealth.

    Because I see it like Alexander, as a tool to change your mind and make yourself a happy person but I dont see it as a wonderlamp.

    Depression quotes about wanting to give up

    This claim implies a belief. The belief that this could NOT happen.


    I Want To Be Happy

    And there we are stuck in a circle. At this point we shift to a methaphysical level because there is no were, wether scientific or not, to prove if they are right- or I,saying this would be right. I also belief that it works. I belief it with all my heart and practize it every day. My life has imroved very much,Im a happy,successfull,healthy person.