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The group of investors, who normally have significant influence on the public markets, publicly disseminate faulty information that leads other investors to believe the stock is a good investment. Investors take the information presented and use it in an investment decision to purchase shares of the small-cap stock.

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This increases its trading volume and demand above normal levels and increases its price. The group of investors associated with the daisy chain then waits until the small-cap stock reaches peak levels and sells its long position. The investors realize a profit on the sale and then subsequently stop the false marketing campaign so the stock returns to normal levels of volume and value.

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Daisy chains have become more prevalent in recent years due to the rise of marketing on the internet. The Securities and Exchange Commission SEC is therefore tasked with the increased enforcement of punishment for any daisy chains. All daisy chain scams are considered an illegal practice in the public markets, and anyone found guilty of participation can face heavy fines and penalties.

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The paper argues that The Daisy Chain may be seen as the literary counterpart to Tyntesfield House, in that its expressive and didactic project is a cognate purification of domestic narrative through the sacralizing cadences of religious discourse. The novel begins with a happy family of eleven children, and proceeds to dismantle this extravagantly procreative nucleus by a series of disasters and sacrifices whose effect is to break up domestic and sexual relations and replace them with missionary work at home and abroad; the plot culminates in the consecration of a new church, and the almost total imposition of celibacy on its protagonists.

Yonge's characters shift at moments of high drama into fluent biblicalese, an effect which echoes at sentence-level the novel's symbolic and structural commitments to a sacralization of secular discourse clearly akin to the semiotic project of Victorian Gothic domestic architecture. Tyntesfield House was recently bought by the National Trust and is open to limited public access.

For current details see the Tyntesfield National Trust page. Extract from abstract: As an established author musing on the changes in women? By examining the depiction of a charity bazaar in The Daisy Chain, we see how she used the methods and logic of the charity bazaar to represent her own participation in the publishing marketplace.

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  • In , as an established novelist, Charlotte Mary Yonge reflected on a change that had happened during the course of her career. As a child, she had understood that a lady did not accept payment for her work, yet just thirty years later, she observed, "everybody does want to make money. This took our breath away and we went home. As we went, Oswald, who notices many things that would pass unobserved by the light and careless, saw Denny frowning hard. So her baby died, and then she was sorry she had not been a good mother to it.