The Game’s Not Over

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  • The game’s not over.
  • The Game's Not Over: In Defense of Football Gregg Easterbrook | eBay;
  • Nexus Blitz: Remember that the game's not over until the int-ing nexus explodes.
  • Game's Not Over!

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The Game’s Not Over, Clinton Backers Agree

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This is an necessary category. Fourthly, foreigners be they Americans, Europeans or others may get in the way at times.

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We need to be humble about our role. Security and stability throughout the continent would greatly benefit Africans and the U. But many factors are outside our sphere of influence, based on local politics and society or involving other actors such as regional and multilateral organizations.

Voices from within the continent increasingly call for African solutions to African problems. The international response to violent conflicts has usually been too little, too late.

Michigan State The Game's Not Over

Can we change our approach to African issues? Are we willing, for example, to give up U. After all, we have legitimate interests there. But we need to reassess our objectives and programs in individual African countries and within regions of Africa.

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  6. The U. We could begin by talking with — and listening to — our African counterparts and allies in the region. Home Issues Regions Search Menu.