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Study French at UMass Dartmouth

The only language students can't speak most of the time is English. The students in the Language House live an immersion lifestyle. They are required to speak their language of study 80 percent of the time. And they often practice more than one.

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Phoenix Liu, director of the program. The Language House is a thriving example of language immersion programs that have been increasing in schools across the nation.

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There are currently about 2, immersion programs in elementary and middle schools in the U. These programs have grown in the past 40 years. The first immersion programs began in California in the s and were based on French language programs in Canada. They continued to grow throughout the s and '90s, according to Marty Abbott, the director of education for the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages. Graduates looking for jobs now have a new set of requirements: language proficiency.

And with technology making it easier to travel and connect with other people and cultures, it's increasingly important for students to learn foreign languages.

Language House students have gone on to work as ambassadors, business leaders, translators and teachers. These occupations can require high levels of language skills. Montgomery County immersion programs are mostly in Spanish, French and Chinese.

Opening/Closing To Fantastic Four 2005 UMD Video For PSP (Europian French Copy)

There are also German programs in Fairfax County, according to Abbott. It's important for students studying a foreign language to be exposed to others trying to learn languages, she said. Missing data are indicated by The set of firms in the new series is more consistent with the universe used to compute the other US returns.

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France Carrier, PhD

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